This week I’m doing something slightly different. I’m giving you an all new advanced technical guide to using Amazon s3 for hosting.

Obviously this isn’t going to teach you some new revolution in marketing, BUT it will show you how using Amazon s3 for your hosting can be a big help for us marketers.

I actually use Amazon s3 for a lot of my hosting so I know first hand how useful it is.

[+] You’ll discover why Amazon s3 is so much cheaper than other hosting for marketers.

[+] You’ll learn how scalable solutions are the way forward.

[+] You will find out why Amazon s3 is so reliable + secure.

[+] You’ll be shows step by step everything you need to know to make full use of the service.

This is a 9 part video course, and accompanying PDF full of great info.

PLUS I’m throwing in RESELLERS rights to the whole training pack. You will get sales video, graphics, legal pages + rights to give this course away or resell to your own list.

P.S. Hope you ind this week’s gift useful, as always email me if you have any questions!

Download Amazon S3 Crash Course Here