For your Subscriber’s gift this week i’m giving you a free video tutorial course + pdf on marketing on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is often overlooked by marketers as a place to generate traffic from. But this means there is very little competition on there and it can be a source of lots of very cheap traffic for certain niches (especially niches with high ticket offers)

In your gift this week…

[+] You’ll learn how you can use LinkedIn to send traffic your website.

[+] You’ll be shown exactly how to go about creating ads that are really effective (and cheap!) on LinkedIn.

[+] You’ll see how to turn your LinkedIn business site into a lead generation page.

[+] You’ll learn how to use LinkedIn to locate high quality leads for promoting high ticket cost items.

[+] Plus much more

You’re getting a 94 page PDF guide packed full of info, plus cheat sheet, mind map, resources report AND a 21 part video training course. If you ever wanted to learn about marketing on LinkedIn, this is the course for you!

P.S LinkedIn is something that I’ve only really got to terms with recently, and I must say its a revelation what you can do when you know how to use it properly.

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