I’ve been around the affiliate marketing scene for over seven years now.  And in that time I’ve bought my share of digital products and created a few along the way.  I’ve come to the realization that it’s important to me to help you as much as I can and there’s no better way for me to do that other than for me to give you a rundown of a digital product before you purchase it.

I’d also like to clearly define my review and rating process as I believe it’s of the utmost importance that you and everyone else knows exactly how I’m gauging these products.

I always review the front end offer on its own merits and give you additional information regarding any one-time offers or upgrades or add-ons.  Upsells should follow the A.S.S. model, automate, simplify and/or scale the front end offer.

I only review the product itself, not the vendor or product creator.  Obviously it’s only human nature to favor products produced by highly regarded vendors/product creators, but my goal is to give you an honest review of the actual digital product.

It’s important to note that nobody’s perfect and everyone makes mistakes from time-to-time.  With that being said I try my best to thoroughly test all of the digital products I review.  I pride myself in writing my reviews as accurately as possible.  If you notice any errors or omissions from my reviews, please don’t hesitate to contact me through this site or leave a comment on the review.

Each digital product I review is given a star rating in the following categories:

Price: The pricing of a digital product is typically judged against others similar in nature.  Other factors to play a part of this category are whether it’s a one-time or recurring fee, the amount of time and money which has gone into the production of the product and whether there’s ongoing costs for the vendor/product creator.

Concept: The concept of a digital product is typically judged against it’s originality as well as the importance of the problem it solves.  A digital product which solves a major problem will get a high rating while a product which has been done before will get a lower rating.  A digital product which is first to market will naturally score higher in this category over its successors.

Execution: The execution of a digital product is in the details.  For training products I ask myself the following questions: How well is the product put together?  Is it easy to understand?  What’s the quality of the materials being presented and used?  For software products I ask myself the following questions: Does everything work the way it’s intended to work?  Is the user interface easy to use and make sense?  Is there built in support?  Did the developers follow standard coding practices?

Value: The value of a digital product is completely opinion based.  When deciding on what to rate a digital product for “Value”, I ask myself, “Will this help me in my business?”

The categories are given a rating from 1 to 5 stars.  1 star would be the worst possible score, while 3 stars would be an average rating, and 5 stars is the best possible score.

I feel I have a good idea about what digital products will benefit you and which ones you should pass up and save your hard earned dollars.

To gain further insight into who I am, I would suggest you visit the “About” page to help you learn even more about my background.