This BuildRedirects review will cover exactly what it is, what it does and why should have it or pass on it.

This is very powerful software that has a lot of potential for an intuitive marketer.  I hope my BuildRedirects review has helped give you a better understanding of it’s overall value.

What is BuildRedirects?

BuildRedirects is a SaaS (software as a service) which allows you to create an offer and then a link.  So you’re probably wondering why you create an offer and a link and not just a link, good question…One of BuildRedirects features which sets it apart from all other link builders is the fact that you can create multiple offers and then create a single link which can contain multiple offers.

Sounds confusing, but I assure you it’s not.  This is an excellent way for you to create a link for whatever you want and have the peace of mind that your link will never have a dreaded 404 error or show someone an offer that’s no longer available.

What does BuildRedirects do?

First let’s talk about redirect links.  Redirect links are a type of link used to promote a product or service.

BuildRedirects itself allows you to create link funnels.  As previously mentioned a link funnel allows you to have multiple offers associated with a single link.  So that means if a person clicks on a link and sees offer number one, then clicks the link again you have the power for them to see offer number two, so forth and so on.  As you can probably see this gives you a link that’s “evergreen” and when posted out in cyber space it’s always working for you.  You never have to worry again about having a dead link.

With that being said BuildRedirects is a cloud based software that allows you to quickly and easily setup as many offers as you like and as many links as you need and then behind the scenes the software takes care of keeping track of your link clicks, conversions and even your retargeting pixels.

Why do I need BuildRedirects?

If you have anything that you need to track the amount of clicks or conversions on then this is for you.

If you have anything that you want to promote and post a link in an email, blog post, forum, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. and want to ensure that you can easily update that link to point or redirect to anywhere you want then this is for you.

This service also does all of the following:

  • Error 404 Detection & Alerts
  • Set Retargeting Pixels
  • Intelligient Conversion or EPC Optimization
  • Affiliate Pixel Tracking
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Split Testing & Conversion Tracking
  • Mobile Browser Redirection
  • IP Redirection
  • Create Variables & Tags
  • Cloak Your Links
  • Password Protection
  • Ordered or Split Test Links
  • Geo Targeting

Do you see how powerful this truly is?

I personally use BuildRedirects for just about everything I do and I can’t tell you enough just how much it’s benefited my businesses.


BuildRedirects requires you pay a monthly service fee in order to use their service.


Buy BuildRedirects Here
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