This FeelSocial review I thought would be short and sweet, but there’s a little bit more that surrounds this cloud based software I want to let you in on.

The newest software as a service (SaaS) lately has revolved around the Facebook Messenger API.  About a year ago Facebook made a few major announcements and one of them was about the API to Facebook Messenger.  One year later and it seems everyone has new software to take advantage of it.

You may have heard of a few of the product names buzzing around the industry such as: AutoEngage, ChatMatic, Sharp Social, just to name a few.  I’ve researched them all and I have to say they’re all very similar in nature.  The first two, AutoEngage and ChatMatic, are high ticket items at around $997 on the low end.  FeelSocial is an extremely low one time fee.

So what exactly is FeelSocial, in a nutshell it’s the equivalent of email marketing but solely through Facebook Messenger.  A positive to this type of marketing is 100% deliverability, there’s no third party email provider that decides whether or not to deliver your message to its intended recipients.

Here’s how FeelSocial works.  When someone messages your page, FeelSocial will send an automatic response which is almost the same as a “Welcome Email.”  If you have have access to the Pro version then you also have the ability to message anyone who comments on your post and/or page which in my opinion is where this tool becomes very powerful.  There’s also an option to put a “Message Us” button on your website or other web properties that gets the conversation going.

What’s even cooler is that you setup message streams or automations similar in nature to what you can now do in various email marketing service providers such as ActiveCampaign and Market Hero.  So depending on how the recipient answers your messages you can send them various follow-ups based on the answers they give you.  Your messages can include text, images, and links in them.

Once someone messages your page or comments on your post (if you have the Pro version) the software starts collecting those users and essentially builds you a list in which you can then send broadcast messages to if you so desire.  The only negative here is that FeelSocial does not collect the user’s Facebook email address.

There’s no limit to the number fan pages you can use with FeelSocial thus allowing you to segment based on niche.

If a user decides they no longer want to receive messages from you, they can simply send you a message, “UNSUBSCRIBE”, and they will no longer receive your messages through FeelSocial.

One of the beauties to using FeelSocial is there’s no ongoing expenses.  After all Facebook Messenger is completely free to use and FeelSocial is a one time fee.

Should you use this instead of email?  The answer is unequivocally no.  Even if you have a solid email list there are several reasons to use FeelSocial:

  • Practically everyone online uses Facebook, so there’s a massive audience of people you can reach in every niche imaginable.
  • Facebook Messenger is the most downloaded app!  More than SnapChat, more than Skype…And currently has over 900 million users.  This is extremely vital as it allows you to reach people where they are the most, on their mobile devices.
  • Since this is not email, there’s now third party service like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. deciding whether or not to deliver your messages.  However that does not mean everyone will notice or read your messages.
  • Because this isn’t email there is no “can spam act” rules which apply to this methodology of marketing
  • Again there’s no monthly fee, no on going costs at all.

This is very powerful software that has a lot of potential for a intuitive marketer.  I hope my FeelSocial review has helped give you a better understanding of it’s overall value.

I should also note that this software is 100% Facebook compliant with their terms of service.




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