This Instamate review will cover exactly what it is, what it does, and why you should have it.

What is Instamate?

Instamate is another excellent product by Luke Maguire (creator of Instaeasy).

Instamate is cloud based software (SaaS) that allows you to upload photos directly from your computer as well as many other things.  If you’re not familiar with Instagram it’s a mobile photo sharing service which is now owned by Facebook.

Instagram was created with the idea that people could take pictures on their mobile devices and instantly share them with their followers, which is very similar to how Twitter works only we’re using photos here instead of just text.

Instagram was never built for marketing purposes, but as with just about any social network marketing does have its place.  Unfortunately Instagram needs a whole lot more functionality than it currently has in order to be utilized as a marketing channel.  And that’s where Instamate and it’s counter part Instaeasy comes into play.

What does Instamate do?

Essentially Instamate has built in all the features currently missing from Instagram.  Instagram does have a website, but has very limited functionality.  You can log into your account, edit your profile, view other instagram accounts, but that’s about it.  You can’t post anything from your computer, that is until now!  With Instamate you can now truly use Instagram as networking channel in a similar fashion as you would with Facebook and Twitter.

Now you can easily discover trending content with just a few clicks within Instamate.  You can find Instagram profiles (accounts) through hashtags, discover content using simple search terms, access to popular tags to easily copy and paste into your posts, access to copyright free images to post to your accounts, and you can even check what’s trending on Twitter!

Besides all of the functionality above, you can post photos or videos directly from your computer!  Instamate makes it easy to schedule posts so you can literally make it set and forget.  There are other tools available as upgrades, but you do get access to image and video converters which resolves any media encoding issues.

Why do I need Instamate?

Again if you’re serious about using Instagram as a marketing channel then this is a must have.   Instagram is all the rage these days and with it now having well over 500 million active users it’s an absolute no-brainer that it’s full of potential.  Instamate takes the tough part out of posting content that will really turn your account into a marketing channel.


One of the many benefits to Instamate is that it allows you to download other peoples content.  This can be very beneficial as you can then re-purpose it for other social media accounts.

I highly recommend you use both Instaeasy and Instamate because one without the other doesn’t make much sense to me.

This is very powerful software that has a lot of potential for an intuitive marketer.  I hope my Instamate review has helped give you a better understanding of it’s overall value.



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