This TrafficBuilder review will cover exactly what it is, what it does and why you should have it or pass on it.

This is very powerful software that has a lot of potential for an intuitive marketer.  I hope my TrafficBuilder review will help give you a better understanding of it’s overall value.

What is TrafficBuilder?

TrafficBuilder is a SaaS (software as a service) that allows you to post images and links to and get traffic from your posts automatically while TrafficBuilder does all the magic behind the scenes.  Why use  That’s a good question… is a relatively untapped traffic source for marketers.  It’s the 14th most visited site in the world, and 4 in the U.S.

What does TrafficBuilder do?

TrafficBuilder allows you setup shortened URLs to post to and then the system will then track all the analytics for each link.  Once you create your links you then simply pick the sub-reddits to post your links to.  Enter a title for your post then copy and paste your shortened URL.  That’s it!  It takes only a couple minutes to setup and use.

After your link/image has been posted to your desired sub-reddit you can create a campaign with your sub-reddit post URL and select the a couple more options based on the amount of activity your sub-reddit has then sit back and watch the traffic flow in.

Why do I need TrafficBuilder?

A better question might be, “Why don’t I need TrafficBuilder?”  It’s pretty simple…There’s no such thing as too much traffic.  This product is perfect for getting organic traffic from another source to checkout your blog, client’s site, your ecommerce store, etc.  The bottom line is that if you need more traffic and don’t want to pay for it, then TrafficBuilder is for you!

I highly recommend you watch the short demo video below to see just how easy and effective using TrafficBuilder is.



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