This UpViral review will cover exactly what it is, what it does and why should have it or pass on it.

This is very powerful software that has a lot of potential for an intuitive marketer.  I hope my UpViral review has helped give you a better understanding of it’s overall value.

What is UpViral?

First let’s talk about what a viral loop is.  Viral loops are a type of marketing campaign used to promote a company or product.  Named after our friends the viruses, a viral loop is meant to infect a person and cause them to share it with other people.  A viral loop is designed to go from zero to thousands or millions of viewers in a very short time. It spreads exponentially, as each new customer or user shares the content with any number of friends.

By using consumers as marketers within the fast-paced arenas of social networks, viral marketing is a great way to spread the word about practically anything.

It’s obvious that viral marketing is here to stay.

In fact, with the rising tide of social media, there just seems to be more of it happening everyday…

Ever heard of DropBox?

A couple of years ago, Dropbox was virtually unknown beyond “tech-nerd” circles.

Today it’s a global cloud storage and data management powerhouse, boasting a market value of over $10 billion and growing.

That’s right…

Dropbox went from having just over 100,000 users to over 4 million users in just 15 months.

That’s a growth rate of over 3900%!

What’s particularly incredible is that they’re doing it with virtually NO advertising budget to speak of.

How did Dropbox grow so big, so fast and with no advertising?

First of all, Dropbox tried large-scale advertising. To the tune of millions of dollars in fact, and failed miserably with it.

After exhausting their advertising options with only dismal results to show for them, their management came to a realization. They had to promote their services differently than what everybody else was doing.

They decided to try tapping into viral marketing.

Dropbox opted to let its users do all the promoting for them, and make it worth their while to do so…

Rather than burn money on expensive ads that weren’t working, Dropbox instead offers its users more storage space on their accounts, simply for referring others to their service.

It’s classic viral marketing in action.

And to say it changed everything… would be an understatement.

Rest assured that Dropbox isn’t the only one doing it with massive results.

Countless other brands, including “sharing economy” giants Airbnb and Uber, are cashing in with large-scale referral campaigns too.

What does UpViral do?

UpViral itself takes about 90% of the work you need to do in order to create a viral loop out of the equation.

With that being said UpViral is a cloud based software that allows you to quickly and easily setup an offer and thank you page and then behind the scenes the software takes care of keeping track of each new leads actions through a special link uniquely assigned to each lead.

The key to making UpViral work is have a simple yet compelling offer that makes the visitors want to submit their name and email address without much thought.  Once they are through the front door, it’s completely up to you as to how you want to make them proceed in order to “unlock” the offer they originally opted in for.

Why do I need UpViral?

If you have anything that you need or want to exponentially put eyeballs on then this is the perfect solution for you.  The major benefit to using UpViral is as time goes by and more and more traffic is exposed to your campaign, the better the chance that it will become self fulfilling.  Meaning that if you were running an ad initially to drive traffic to your UpViral campaign you can now turn it off and still see that your advertising is now in the hands of your previous visitors as they campaign and push your offer in front of their friends/family/audiences for you.

Do you see how powerful that truly is?

I personally use UpViral for just about everything I do and I can’t tell you enough just how much it’s benefited my businesses.


UpViral requires you pay a monthly service fee in order to use their service.


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