For your gift this week I’m giving you a WordPress plugin that allows you to do “click banking” and “ad swaps” deals on your site.

Both of these are traffic generation methods. In case you don’t know what they are…

Ad swaps

Ad swaps are when two marketers who have similar size lists agree to mail for each other and promote each others sites.

You agree on a certain amount of clicks to send and then mail for each other until you achieve them.

Click Banking

Click banking is similar to ad swaps but is more prolonged. Two partners agree on a certain amount of clicks to send each other, but the main difference is you don’t need to mail for it (instead you could use thank you pages, or bonus pages etc)

The plugin I’m giving you today helps you manage these processes. It tracks unique clicks sent by your partner, and tracks how many you send back.

But more importantly your gift also comes with FULL TRAINING on how to go about doing click banking and ad swaps, AND provides you with places you can visit to find potential partners.

The gift zip file contains the plugin itself and the in-depth training and user manual… make sure you unzip the folder before trying to install.

P.S. I hope you get some great ad swap and click banking traffic using this plugin! Any questions, as always just ask!

Download WP Click Exchange Plugin Here